Bookmarks Housecleaning: Fun Stuff

You want to play. You want to laugh. Perhaps the Homestar Runner site is the best place to go. Check the email. Good. Now, read on for more fun links….

I just get absorbed watching this great Rube Goldberg Honda Ad. It’s called ‘The Cog’ and it’s great.

I once had a great random quotation site bookmarked, and it found me all sorts of Children of Dune quotations, but it is gone. I guess that’s a project in the making.

How Much is Inside? A sharpie? A packet of ramen? A million bucks?

Get ye flask. Find some old Infocom adventures. Find an updated Infocom game interpreter. Read the Homestar Runner Wiki. Ask yourself how long the dead Leisuretown site will stay online.

Playing Cashflow 101? You might want an excel spreadsheet to manage your balance sheet.

Looking for a little more crazy in your fun? Buy some Loompanics books. Find how to have Bulletproof Privacy. Learn about the Underground Economy. Find out how to Hide Anything even in Public Places. Maybe you’d like to be an International Fugitive? Get what you want by Being Lazy. Create a new identity. Hide your money in foreign investments. And play nasty games with ID. For entertainment purposes only. Really. Especially the books on how to make homemade silencers and more silencers.

I love this article on just how much trash Bose Acoustimass speakers are.

Next take a look at Sam Barros as he shoots his rail gun and generally blows stuff up!

Cloak and Dagger has news for spies! (or consiracy theorists)It would be impossible to mistake Star Wars Origami for Penn and Teller, but it’s worth reading their old Sin City web site, especially the old column about virtual reality.

Need an AIM Buddy Icon? Or just want to learn about new sexual positions? Do it all at Linux Is For Bitches.


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