Like a swiss army knike for hard drives….

Everybody needs to use an old hard drive sooner or later, wouldn’t it be great if you could just get a cable that plugged into the old thing? How about a USB to IDE cable? One that works on laptop drives too? Great!


Book Wish List

I’ve been digging through my journals today, and there’s a few books I’d love to read.

Emotional Discipline: The Power To Choose How You Feel. Ooosh. What a title. I’d love to feel like I had that kind of control, always. Just be happy about things, or steer an even keel no matter what comes up. I’d be an unstoppable killing machine!

How to Photograph Women Beautifully: Professional Techniques for Creating Glamorous Pictures. I’m actually more interested in the followup book, but I have no idea when he’s coming out with it. I’d love to have the skill to take ultimately fattering pictures of the women in my life. And I’d get to have more pictures of them, too, since they’d let me take them.

Bulletproof Web Design. Strategies for creating effective CSS sites. I’m overwhelmed by CSS and really need to learn it solidly at some point.