Bookmarks Housecleaning: FLAC

Rip Those CDs. Your old CD media is expensive and vulnerable. Have backups. I like FLAC so far, because it’s lossless (makes a PERFECT archive) and it can rip the full disc using Exact Audio Copy. Read on for some good tools.

Get the FLAC encoder from their site. Or you can use Monkey’s Audio if you prefer.

Then get Exact Audio Copy to rip your CDs. And read up at Elite DAE for more into on EAC.

Finally, read through Hyrdrogen Audio‘s site for instructions on how to make the two work together. I use the full disc rip with CD Cuesheets. I hear I can burn them back to disc as a perfect copy that will still read correctly with CDDB and everything.

DB Poweramp is an essential tool on windows for converting between formats. You also probably want Foobar 2000, the cure for all your winamp woes.


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