Bookmarks Housecleaning: Bargains

The best bargain is always to avoid the store. I was looking at this great deal on a gamecube today, and I saved myself almost two hundred dollars! I didn’t go back and get it. But we’ll see tomorrow. I don’t always have the greatest willpower. Anyhow, read on for some bargain links.

Bookpool is a place to get discount computer books.

Ultimately, I’m not a huge fan of Comcast Cable. The prices aren’t the best, and the service options and contracts are inflexible. But if you must get cable internet, at least have them give you a good deal and go to ComcastOffers.

Wear a raincoat! And buy some condoms at a good price at Although you should still check too, since they often have a better deal on a specific item. And try the non-latex ones. Very thin.

Getting married? Well, don’t tell her that’s a moissanite stone in the ring. But you might use one anyway. They are prettier than blood diamonds even if they are ‘fake’ and they sure are less expensive.

Planning on staying single forever? Then you need your Autobot logo car flag and transformers window stickers.

Wegener Media offers excellent prices on Macintosh laptop repairs. Send your PowerBook or iBook to them for $50 and parts.

Ben’s Bargains is a hot deal aggregator. Good for when you’re tired of looking at the Fatwallet Hot Deals Forum, or when fuzzy bunnies in suits have told you to avoid More aggregation at SlickDeals.

Harbor Freight offers the cheapest tools you’re likely to find. They may not be the best tools. But they are damn cheap. I want my own wood shop.

I used to use Intellifax to send faxes really cheap via email. They rocked. And then they changed their name inexplicably to GreenFax and, well, I still like them, but their branding is dumb.

Given that you can’t get the Fry’s Ad on the internet (reliably), I really like SalesCircular’s Oregon listing as it give you the best price on CD’s network gear and appliances culled from the ads this week.Another good place for CD and DVD media is Shop4Tech. Get the discs you want for a price you can afford. And don’t forget to buy DVD cases and accessories.

Injection cigarette machines are an incredible deal. Get better smokes for less. And you better learn how to maintain them. Supermatics need cleaning.


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