Dungeons and Dragons: The Bookmarks

I’ve found a few good programs for D20 gaming. The best is probably good old Skype, but others are worth checking out.

Character EditorsCrystal Ball is a Mac OS X GM tool and character sheet editor. I like the Dice Roller and Experience Calculator…still working on it’s other features. I wonder if I can enter Nilham in?

I have nothing to say about Campaign Suite.

HeroForge is an Excel spreadsheet for your character sheet. Meh?

Online GameboardsOpenRPG looks like a solid online gameboard….except that I don’t think anybody but a hacker can install it. Too much python and related trash required.

WebRPG used to look bad because of the subscription cost….but it’s free now…so maybe it’s worth a second look.

D20Map is online, and has fog of war, but the development seems to be hit or miss. I’m not even sure which platform their going for? Is the DirectX version a fork, or is the Mac OS X version dead?

Tabletop Mapper had promise, but looks to be long dead.

KloogeWerks looks very smooth.

Offline GameboardsHow to make a whiteboard: empiricism in the DIY whiteboard.

Dungeon Crafter is a free tile-based dungeon map creation tool.

AutoRealm is an open source game map maker.

LinksRPG Gateway is where I found most of these proggies.

InspirationSeventh Sanctum has resources for gamers and writers. Random generators of characters, stories, and the like.

D20 SitesPen and Paper is a general gaming portal.

Code Monkey Publishing, the guys behind the flop that is PCGen. (Get your nightly automated builds of it too)

3rd Edition.org is a D20 3E portal.

Monte Cook good stuff from the MAN.



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