Bookmarks Housecleaning: More Crazy Misc

Mashmix the home of decent mashup downloads. Check it often before the files disappear in the copyright black hole. Radio CCC is a mash maker. Long deep mixes.

Mac Stuff: Simple iCal calendar processing scripts. Contextual menu utilities, including one that adds unix commands to the right-click menu. NSTextField shortcuts for handily moving the cursor around in text fields. CocoaBooklet creates booklets out of pdf files. Broke your mac? Powerbook repairs cheap at techrestore. Run your medical practice on the Mac with MacPractice. A fucking CSS Editor!!! For real!

Web hosting services galore: a rave for dreamhost. Netsonic provides dedicated gentoo servers. Cruical Paradigm didn’t have budget boxes last time I looked. And of course get forked.

The Scene is a movie about file sharing.

Free Windows Antivirus programs.

Peercast is software for peer-to-peer webradio broadcasting

Can you believe it? A VGA->USB capture device?

Need to fix up some E-Books? Here’s software to smart remove hard CRs.

I still intend to read this nicely illustrated article on Chicago Gangland.

Dragostea Din Tei

Don’t tell anyone the 48 Laws of Power. Definitely don’t let them learn how to organize an orgy. And listen to the heartless bitches when they explain why nice guys suck.

A List Apart’s Starting a Business advice.

GPSGate lets you use one GPS reciever with multiple apps on windows.

Open Source Java Libraries can be useful. Also found at codehaus, and at O’reilly’s codezoo.

An awesome flash movie on 9/11 lies.

I love good definitions….such as what is a distinction.

GeeXbox is a live-cd media player. Also worth looking at for HTPCs is DScaler.


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