CRM and Calendar

The Personal Information Manager is the ultimate boon to people doing work with their computers. Address book. Calendar. To Do List. These things are essential for really doing business with a computer. And once you go beyond doing business alone, you need to be able to share. That is harder than you’d think. Single user calendars are dime a dozen. Shared calendars…..oof.

OpenExchange. The Right Idea! Unfortunately, lack of client support means that for now, this is just a PHP groupware.

SchoolTool/SchoolBell has claims that it works with shared calendars and iCal, but there’s no documentation and little forum usage. I’m betting it’s a dead end for now.

Sure….but on Yahoo!’s servers? Nah. Plus Windows-only Sync.

A Good Tool….

Nice looking. But doesn’t render right in omniweb and the server looks very intense to install.

I got all excited….then noticed it’s been dead for two years.

‘Built for the Web’

Windows only? Could it be ‘the one’?


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