Setting up yahoo mail fetching on Mac OS X and gentoo

YahooPOPs is a cool little proggie for downloading your Yahoo! mail. Download the build from the forums rather than the download page, since it seems like the compiling from the devs is a little behind. Also, it needs Fink and libxml installed. A little bit of work, but it doesn’t lock my Yahoo! Mail account like Mr. Postman did, and it’s not as limited-use as fetchyahoo.

I tried to set it up on my gentoo box, but it just SegFaults. Doesn’t look like the codebase for this app is particularly well maintained. Oh well. Still a good tool.

Update: Wow, was that a big dead end. This program has more warts than a frog-licker’s tongue. I’ve pulled it completely now. Locked yahoo account and crashed thunderbird just make the lack of effective downloading less fun. Bah.


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