Fighting with the Bus.

I had my first day of karate. It rocked. It was fun, and can see the workouts coming. I can’t wait for Wednesday when I can go again.

Getting there was a hassle. I still can’t seem to get TriMet to be reliable. I missed the Towncar because it CAME EARLY (#$%^!!@!@$) and I missed the Max, because I got there on time. The driver shut the doors on me and drove off. I really love TriMet’s customer ethic. I have a call into their customer service. Let’s see if they ever get back to me.

Today was goals evaluation day for the last week. I actually did pretty good. A little bit short on the task list goals, but really long on the personal development stuff. I’m making progress on me, and I like it. Half my goals for the next week are in the personal development scheme too. I can’t wait to be another week down the road and happy.

I need to teach Covey to some other people. It’s a help to me, and maybe of some small value to them. I need to explain to someone that my advice habit is often my clarification of my own thoughts.

Yesterday, I did my walk all the way south on the Waterfront, across the river on the Steel Bridge, and then back north to the Ross Island Bridge, across, and home. Damn, that was a good walk! Longish. Good for me. I didn’t even get blistered. Yay!

It’s interesting how experience changes one. I’ve been feeling strongly the message of stories about past love. I have, in the past, never been able to empathize with these memes.


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