Bookmarks Housecleaning: Misc

I’ve got this huge bookmarks file that I don’t even dig into anymore….bookmarks are lame. No search. Bad mnemonics. So I’m going to release them here. Maybe you’ll find something cool. Perhaps I’ll find something cool. Either way, my little hoard will stop being in the dead end morrass of bookmarks.html.

A couple of good, mac friendly resources for icons, wallpapers, and theme stuff: and ResExcellence. Also InterfaceLift.

Also in the macintosh world, Freeverse seems to be a decent little shareware mac games developer. I’m always bitching about the mainstream gaming world and how they’ve lost the simple gaming ideas that used to drive the fun of Apple][ and Atari games. Well Freeverse looks to have games that are simple, fun, and pretty. How about some games that play well on my hardware rather than forcing me to upgrade to learn that they aren’t any fun?

Always go get software from panic! And read Steven’s weblog.

Want to send someone a text message? Know their cell number? Got email? Find their address.

Need a notepad that doesn’t get soggy in the rain? Rite in the Rain has all sorts of cool treated paper pads.

If you need long distance service for cheap, I use Bigredwire.

Rent movies, with a difference? Try Hacking Netflix.

The Open Groupware project provides an exchange server replacement. And so does Open Xchange. Open Groupware has a for-sale outlook plugin. Open Xchange seems to be mainly web based. Neither has a mac client.

Ever want to know the story behind Elite? Or maybe play it on your mac?

If you live in our United States don’t download books from here, because you’d be violating our very fair and reasonable copyright laws. And extensions. And extensions of extensions. But it’s ok for Australians. Doyle, Burroughs, Hitler, Keynes, Orwell.

Hate the dentist? Wish you could just sleep through it? Maybe sedation dentistry is the answer.

And because nothing is too miscellaneous for this list here’s a picture of a marmot.

Goodnite everybody!


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